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Our Vast Library -

An institution which holds books and/or other forms of stored information for use by the public or qualified people. It is usual, but not a defining feature of a library, for it to be housed in rooms of a building, to lend items of its collection to members either with or without payment, and to provide various other services for its community of users.


A set of things similar to a library in appearance, function, or organization, especially:

A series of books issued by a publisher.

A collection of standard routines used in computer programs, usually stored as an executable file.

A collection of cloned DNA sequences whose location and identity can be established by mapping the genome of a particular organism.

A collection of proteins generated from the collected DNA sequences that express them, used for tracking metabolic functions of proteins in diseases such as cancer, for the synthesis of new drugs, and for other proteomics research.


Moreover, Plasma Academy of Science's emphasis on cultivating critical thinking skills, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities equipped students with a competitive edge in the exams. The institute's state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced technological resources also facilitated practical learning experiences, enabling students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

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